What is the difference between accounts receivable (AR) and accounts payable (AP)?When a company is using double-entry accounting, what elements of a given ledger must be equal?”If a company has three bank accounts for processing payments, what is the minimum number of ledgers it needs?If a private company with break-even operations received a £5 million investment, how would you develop a strategy to spend or invest that money?How have you used automation or workflow streamlining to improve your accounting processes at previous jobs?How have you helped companies or clients save money or better use their available financial resources?What strategies do you use to detect fraudulent entries in a journal or ledger?What is the main difference between a tax year & a financial yearDescribe the Accounts Payable (AP) process?How do you answer questions from clients who don’t have any background in accounting?Through this book, you will find the help to build a foundation in accounting that will eventually help you succeed in the accounting profession as you climb the corporate ladder to better and better jobs as you grow and mature in the profession.

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