Accounting and financial reporting can seem confusing and complex to strangers of the accounting world. This confusion often leads to misconceptions about accounting as a profession. Exactly what does an accountant do? What skills are needed for financial auditing? What opportunities does an accounting career offer for advancement? Many accounting textbooks claim to answer these questions, but such books are usually written by professors who assume readers are college students who already know they want to become accountants. Other books are for seasoned accountants looking to improve their existing skill sets. Such books are pedantic, cumbersome, and almost always assume some preexisting knowledge of accounting. All You Need to Know about Accounting and Accountants isn’t written with advanced accounting in mind. Instead, the intended audience includes high school and college students considering accounting as a career, but unsure if the profession is right for them. Nonfinancial business executives seeking a better understanding of accounting will also find this book easy to access and informative. A fifty-year veteran of the accounting profession, Robert Grottke explains the basic principles of accounting and auditing with detailed but easily understood definitions. He outlines the educational requirements needed to become an accountant, discusses the different types of accountant, and explains their job responsibilities and importance within commercial organizations. Grottke also covers advancement opportunities within the profession. A clear explanation of accountancy expressed in layman’s terms, All You Need to Know about Accounting and Accountants has the answers to your questions about a fascinating industry.

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