Stuck in your career? Is your work not engaging? Recruiters not taking your attempt to career-switch seriously? Does it seem like everyone else around you has it all professionally figured out? You think you’re the only one who’s truly vulnerable? Well, think again. There are a lot of us out there feeling just like you. Gallup, Inc. regularly canvasses company employees on how well they are engaged in their work. Sadly, roughly two-thirds of all employees fall into a category of “not engaged”. This is a disservice to employers. But far more importantly, this is a disservice to you. So, activate your inner “you only live once”, know that everyone out there has baggage, and go get that career that makes you feel alive! Michael Patrick Lewis shares his story in “The Vulnerable Career Switcher” in the hopes that he can inspire others to find a better calling, a greater vocation, a genuine career switch!

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