Decision-making is a pivotal function of any manager. A knowledge of Accounting, insofar as it affects decision-making, is very important for a manager. And very often, students find Accounting as one of the ‘tough’ subjects to handle. This book strives to make Accounting intelligible and easily comprehensible to students. The text gives a comprehensive coverage of the three branches of Accounting – Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, and Cost Accounting. It focuses on the various methods and techniques followed in the Management Reporting System. The text deals, in detail, with various accounting transaction procedures, methods of costing, ratio analysis, budgeting, forecasting, accounting errors, funds flow and cash flow statements, trial balance and balance sheet, and so on. It equips the students with the knowledge in the preparation, analysis, evaluation, and interpretation of financial statements, which will enrich their managerial competence and decision-making skills. KEY FEATURES  Emphasises the various accounting and decision-making techniques.  Provides a number of problems and their solutions, besides giving notes, working notes, and exercises, to help the students understand the concepts better. This book is intended as a text for the postgraduate students of Management (MBA/MIB), financial courses (MFC), and undergraduate and postgraduate students of Commerce and those pursuing MCA. In addition, the book will be very useful to practising managers who wish to develop effective and result-oriented decision-making skills.

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